Christmas Eve

There were a few things I was planning on writing for a week or two now, but decided I’d wait and get more stuff together. So, this might be a long post, yet again… If you don’t like that, deal with it or skip it.

Earlier this month I celebrated Chanukah (by myself yet again) but it wasn’t all that bad. I went to a special service where a friend of mine and I both got in front of an audience and sang (her in English, I in Yiddish) and we got a very welcomed response, hell, I even got a girl’s phone number, but it didn’t pan out well in that aspect. Although Chanukah is over for me, it’s Christmas Eve which means I have the rest of my family to celebrate with (they celebrate, I just ‘hang around’).

With all the holidays this time of year, work has been slow, but I have two new projects that came in and should get a nice ‘bump’ the beginning of January. We’re still looking for someone that is willing to do some graphic design for the one (most likely volunteer based, but we’ll try to pay if we get any money).

I understand how some people can do shady things when they are trying to provide for their friends/family/loved ones, but damn, they should change the law and anyone caught Spamming should have their genitalia mutilated. I’m not talking about ‘normal’ castration for example, leave the penis on, just fuck it up so bad that it doesn’t work and hurts the rest of their life. Figure out the equivalent for females and do that too. It’s harsh, but I’m fucking sick of all their bullshit, I’ve deleted an average of 150 spam messages every 2 or 3 days and it’s mostly “Buy Cheap Cigarettes” or “I’ve heard people are searching for license keys for … {insert random computer program}” and providing links to online smoke shops, pharmacies, or pirate/crack sites that are all sure to infect your system to no end. Oh, and you gotta love the spammers that think they’ve ‘learned’ and write a bullshit ‘fake’ comment in hopes that it gets approved so that they have free reign to post whatever the fuck they want from then on. The sad part is that a lot of people fall for that bullshit but if you actually take a look at the meta information of the comment writer it becomes obvious. For example, one comment I had said something like “Wow, it’s great that people write about technology and I was wondering if I bought a 50″ TV what you’d recommend for…” blah, blah, blah… but the thing is, they put a fake link in for the TV and the email address that left the comment matches over 3 DOZEN of the “Cheap Marlboro” or “Free shipping on Viagra” etc. shit.

My hearing is mostly back but my back is killing me. I hate Winter… it makes everything hurt for no reason, I’m cold all the time and ice on the ground equals VERY BAD for someone with spinal damage…

I passed my last two classes so I don’t have much left to get my degree and I’ll be so glad when it’s over. No classes until January 3rd, which is also a plus.

I decided that I was going to a write up for a few products, but can’t write them for a few more days. Once I finish them I’ll update this section instead of creating a new post for them.
If you haven’t tried it yet, the latest Firefox 4 beta is SO much faster than previous versions.

I got to spend some time with Nava and the rest of JJ’s family recently and although it was weird at first, I think it’s good that we spend time together more often. After all, JJ’s son is my ‘God-Nephew’ and he doesn’t really have a father figure anymore. Yosef (Joseph) is a great kid and Nava (his aunt, JJ’s sister) has really stepped up and is raising him herself.

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