What a start to the new year…

This will be another quickie… cause I have too much on my mind to organize it for a post.

Since my last post was kind of short and straight to the point of my half depressed, half pissed state I was in at the time I didn’t bother to mention about how bad I messed up my leg recently. A few days back (think it was the day after Christmas) I screwed my right knee up to the point it’s been days since I’ve been able to freely bend it at will without extreme pain and although it doesn’t look swollen per se, the top part of the knee looks like the actual knee cap shifted up by like a full inch (hell, even feels like bone there too although the bone is still where it should be as far as I can tell). Anyway, Marc stopped by today and brought me a nice ice pack (which is back in the freezer yet again) and a few other things and my knee is finally feeling SO much better… it’s still hard to support my own weight but as long as I’m not standing the pain is almost gone.

Last quick note: If you’ve never heard of Audible.com, you’re missing out on a great resource for getting a wide range of audiobooks that will play on almost any device, be it a Windows, Mac, or Linux based PC, a Smartphone, iPod, iPad, Android Device, etc. and you can get a free 14 day trial (for new members only) by going to audiblepodcast.com. Please note, I’m not an affiliate (as of yet) so this link does NOT benefit me in any way.

The whole point of bringing up Audible is that I signed up for the site a few months back and it’s been great to receive a new book each month and not be restricted to certain categories or whatever… in fact, I’ve been listening to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Audiobook): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race” read by Jon Stewart and others from the Daily Show and featuring Sigourney Weaver. Some spots had me busting out laughing (which hurt my knee more), but was so worth it. Next up… more George Carlin audiobooks. đŸ™‚

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